Video instructions

Your video questions answered

We hope you enjoy your video. We had a blast filming and working with you!

We want to give you a few instructions on the best way to view, download and share your video.

How is my video delivered? is our video hosting website. We use Vimeo because it has the highest quality playback. So you can share your weblink with anyone and be sure that they will be viewing it in high definition quality playback. Your Vimeo link is how you will download the highest resolution file of your video. We will also provide you with a Youtube weblink. This is soley for the purpose of you being able to view your video from multiple platforms like a smarttv, appletv, roku, etc.. Note: For best results do not use your Youtube weblink to share with friends, family or social media. Please share the Vimeo weblink. It is the highest quality playback. You cannot use your Youtube link to download the video file to your computer.

How do I watch my video?

To view your video via computer or mobile device, simply click on your Vimeo video weblink provided from any computer, or mobile device. Also you can watch your video from a smart tv or apple tv by accessing Vimeo or YouTube and searching your video title. You can find your video title by simply clicking on your provided weblink. Note: Viewing on your smart tv is subject to your tv's capabilities and compatablitity with the Vimeo or Youtube apps. We do not assist with this process.

How do I download the Vimeo video file to your computer?

Please see the video instructions below on how to download your video file. Note: It is very important for you to download your video file. The purpose of downloading your video file would be to make sure you have a copy of the video saved forever and also to view anytime without internet access.

How to share my video on Facebook?

As soon as you say that you are happy with the way the video turned out. We will upload and post your video to our Square City Productions Facebook page. So the easiest way is for you to simple share our post to your personal page. Having us upload your video to facebook will assure that your video is uploaded in the highest resolution possible to social media.