—Square City Productions—

Videography in Savannah, GA

"We produce wedding videos, business marketing and advertising videos, live event videos, ministry videos, interviews, and much more."

Who Are We?

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in who we are. We are a husband and wife videography team. My name is Adam Hooper and my wife is Andrea Hooper. We are Square City Productions. Our location is in Savannah, GA. We've been married for over 12 years and it seems like we have always had a camera in our hands. There is something about creating memories and then being able to document those memories in a beautiful way that captivates us. We are so passionate about telling visual stories through videography.


What do we do? 

 CINEMATIC WEDDING FILMS. Wedding videography is our specialty. We create meaningful films that turn the greatest moments of your big event into lifelong memories to replay anytime. We have so much fun when we turn on a camera and capture great footage but we don't just shoot videos and produce films for fun. We strive for excellence every time we turn on the camera. Check out the wedding preview video below↓ and you can watch our full length wedding films by clicking HERE.


 What else do we do?

  • EVENT VIDEOGRAPHY. We are equipped to film special events with professional audio for onsite interviews. We will create a highlight film of your event so you'll never forget it.

  • PROMOTIONAL & ADVERTISING videos to brand your business. Visually enhance your brand and product. Your hard work deserves more than just a quick video from your mobile device to advertise with. We will use professional video footage to enhance your brand, craft or skill and we expect, from ourselves, to be nothing less than great for you. We want to dream with you to create amazing promotional content for your business. 

  • CHURCH ORGANIZATION PROMO videos. Visually portray your church's vision and mission statements through videography. We love to visually bring your message to life. We can be creatively involved in this process from the ground up or we can take your idea and bring it to life.