Wedding Film Suggestions


-Wedding Day Suggestions-


We don't want to overwhelm you with more info but we do want to know that we helped you to the best of our ability. Here’s a short list below of the things we suggest for you to consider on your wedding day. Hopefully, this will help you to better plan your day to benefit your wedding film.



-Personal Letters

 There are no rules around how these letters should be done. Like how they should be written, read, the location to read them, the time to read them, and to exchange them or to not exchange them. We encourage you to not feel that you have to do it any certain way. Lets talk through some ideas and come up with the way that best fits your personalities as a couple. We are all about authenticity! The letters are usually short and sweet but express lots of emotion and feeling. We will film the bride and groom reading these letters with audio. This gives us a lot of great narrative to use for your wedding film and really helps to tell your unique love story.

-Personal VOWs

Personal vows exchanged between you and your spouse are our favorite! We love how amazing this moment is. We encourage you to not feel that you have to write these vows to each other in any specific way. We say NO RULES! Be yourselves. whether thats humorous, serious or emotional. Be you! Personal vows offers the unique opportunity for your guest to feel like they are a part of your story and nothing else on your wedding day can do that like personal vows. This also gives us a lot of great narrative to use for your wedding film and really helps to tell your unique love story.

-First Look

 These days, every couple chooses whether or not they are going to do a first look on their wedding day. There is no right or wrong answer. Your wedding day flys by. From the moment the ceremony starts to the end of the reception, the schedule can be pretty hectic. Why not add to the timeline a moment for just the two of you? This is one chance that the two of you can share a few really special minutes with each other. If the first time you see each other is at the start of the ceremony, that is a really awesome moment but it is short lived, because then the ceremony has started and you’ve got that to focus on. A first look is a wonderful opportunity to get away and just be with your best friend. Doing a first look also allows you spend more of your wedding day with your soon-to-be spouse. If your ceremony is at 6:00 and you don’t do a first look, most of your wedding day will be without your spouse around. But say you have a first look at 2:00, the two of you can have more memories of your wedding day together. For many couples, some of the most favorite memories of their wedding day were during the afternoon when the two of them and their entire wedding party were together for pictures before the ceremony. 

Just because something is planned does not mean it is not authentic. This is a big principle for us as videographers in general. We try to be authentic in all of our work. It’s not about performance. We simply give a framework (time, place, you stand here/you stand there), but what happens between the couple is always so genuine. Your photos and videos will greatly benefit. 

 The first moment you see each other being at opposite ends of the aisle. That certainly can be a special moment with a day’s worth of anticipation leading up to it. It places a particular emphasis on the ceremony itself, which we think is really beautiful. There is also something cool about the fact that that moment is shared with all of your wedding guests. But also, your ceremony is still your ceremony, and nothing can change that. There is still something about the ceremony that gets you emotional even though you’ve already spent the afternoon together. Both a first look and the walk down the aisle are special in their own right.

-First Touch

 If you would rather stick to the tradition of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony, we honor and respect that decision. But we would strongly encourage you to consider scheduling something like a “first touch”. That's where you come close to seeing each other but don’t. An example would involve each of you standing on either side of a tree for a moment. Then, you both reach around the tree and grab the others hand, you gasp a little because you know that you've just grabbed the hand of the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Then, you say a few things to each other. Maybe read a letter you've written to your spouse like vows to each other. The emotions are gonna fly and we will have audio and video ready to capture it all. 

- First Look Dad, Mom or specific family member

 This is an awesome moment for you to share an emotional moment with your parent or parents. Believe it or not, this makes for awesome memorable moments on your wedding day.

- First Look Bridesmaids

This is a really cool moment to consider. This would be when the bride goes to get her dress on, only the maid of honor and possibly the bride's mother go with the bride. The bridesmaids actually stay behind and wait for the bride to finish maybe in another room. Then we set up a reveal to the bridesmaids. The reaction is always a sweet moment with lots of hugs, laughs, and tears. Definitely, something to consider when planning your getting ready time. 

-Evening Sunset

 In the sixty to ninety minutes leading up to the sunset, amazing things start to happen. When the sun is low on the horizon, the light has to travel a much longer distance to get to you. This not only affects the quality of the light but the actual color of the light as well. It's beautiful light for portraits and video. 

If your wedding day schedule is not yet set in stone, we would strongly encourage you to plan with your photographer for a quick photo portrait session sometime in the hour before sunset and we will be there to video during this time as well. And that’s going to look different for different couples because that time will change depending on the date of your wedding. However, thirty minutes is more than enough time for us to get some amazing video footage and for your photographer to get amazing portraits. And honestly, even ten or fifteen minutes would be better than nothing. We know you guys are eager to get to your reception at that point, but the payoff is so worth it. A lot of these sessions really end up being a nice little getaway for the couple. It’s a nice chance to have some quiet time with your spouse before gearing up again for the rest of the reception.