Wedding Film process


-Wedding Day Filming Process-

We don't want to overwhelm you with more info but we do want to know that we helped you to the best of our ability. So that you will know more about what to expect from us the day of the event. Here’s a short list below of the things we definitely want to be able to film. Hopefully, this will help you to better plan your day and greatly benefit your final wedding film.

-Entire Day

We like to be there from putting on makeup to exiting the reception. We will have cameras in hand throughout the entire day. Ready to capture all the spontaneous and planned moments that will happen. Here is a list below of some of the possible planned moments that we definitely want to make sure we film.

-Detail Footage

In order to make a great wedding film the detailed shots need to be included. We like to be there ready to film at least by the middle of when the bride and groom are getting ready with their bridal party. Detailed shots include footage of the bride and groom getting ready, putting on makeup, getting hair done, etc…During this time we will also be able to get detailed footage of your rings, bouquet, dress, etc..

-Personal Letters

If the bride and groom are writing personal letters to each other to read before ceremony then we want to be there to film during this time.  This usually happens either while the two bridal parties are getting ready, right before the first look, or after the first look. There are no rules around how, when or where these letters should be read so lets talk through it and come up with a way that would best fit your personalities. We highly recommend writing letters to each other because it creates great love storyline for your wedding film. We will use small audio devices to capture great audio during this moment.

-Exchanging Gifts

If the bride and groom exchange gifts before the ceremony we will be there to film and audio record these gift exchanges. This usually happens while the two bridal parties are getting ready. 

-First Look

If you’re having a first look then we really want to be able to collaborate with you and your wedding photographer in order to find the perfect spot for your first look. This is slowly becoming one of the greatest and most memorable moments of the entire wedding day. It makes for great wedding film video footage. We will also be putting a wireless microphone on the groom to capture audio of all the emotions during this special moment.  

-The Portraits

These portraits sessions with your photographer make for a great time for us to capture video footage to include in your wedding film. Whether before or after the ceremony, we will be there to film during these portrait sessions. If possible, we highly recommend trying to schedule these portraits times within the last sixty minutes of the day. This makes for the best lighting for portraits and video quality. You won't regret it!

-The Ceremony

We will be putting a small wireless microphone on the groom and the pastor before the ceremony starts to capture professional quality audio during the ceremony. We will be filming a few different angles during the ceremony. We normally will be walking back and forth along the outside aisles during the ceremony to get different camera angles. We do suggest letting us and your photographers get as close as we can during the ceremony as this makes for way better footage and photos. For really unique photos and video footage let your videographers and photographers walk behind the officiant during the ceremony. This will make for some great camera angles but we do understand if this is something you don't want to do. We just wanted to suggest it.    


We love to get all the dance footage and fun moments during the reception. Entrance, first dances, cake cutting, exit, etc..

-Toasts or Speeches

If you are having speeches please let us know. These speeches make for great audio narrative and video footage during your wedding film so it is very important for us to be able to capture all of the audio and video of these special speeches. 

-Planned Special Moments

If there are any planned special moments during the ceremony or reception then please let us know beforehand. Examples: planned bride and groom choreographed dance, planned bridal party choreographed during reception or ceremony, speech during reception or ceremony, etc.. Please let us know about any special moments you might have planned during your special day.